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UX/UI Designer/ Researcher

@Guitar Center, Music and Arts, and Musician's Friend


UX/UI: User Research,  Storytelling,  Wireframing, Design System, Prototyping, testing, Presentations, and Persona Creation.


2022 -


Designed and implemented multiple successful web applications.
Conducted Customer Experience research, benchmarks, and interviews aiming to validate the current "path to product" flow inside the customer acquisition funnel, searching for new growth opportunities.
Conducted user research, usability testing, and interviews to gather feedback to inform design decisions.
Designed user-centered interfaces for multiple web and mobile applications.
Worked with cross-functional teams, including product management and engineering, to ensure a seamless end-to-end user experience.
Contributed to the creation of the Design System, researching, testing, and designing reusable components in Figma, and its implementation on Zero Height.
Created high-fidelity wireframes and prototypes in Figma and conducted usability tests to validate experiences and iterate the design process.
Created user-friendly responsive designs and components for E-commerce.

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